Jomblang is one of hundreds of cave complex in Gunungkidul that becomes well known because of its uniqueness. In 2011, it is used as the object of a program called Amazing Race America. Located on the range of karst hills in the southern coastal spread along Gombong, Central Java up to karst area in Sewu Mountain, Pacitan, West Java, this vertical cave has collapse doline. It was constructed from a geological process when the land and its vegetation vanished into the bowel of the earth thousand years ago. The ruins formed a sinkhole, which in Javanese language was called sumuran or luweng. As a result, the cave which has 50 meter diameter was later named Luweng Jomblang.

To enter Jomblang cave, we need to master single rope technique (SRT). Everyone who wish to do caving in this place should use special equipments based on the caving safety standard in a vertical cave and should also be accompanied by the experienced caving trainers. Together with the cavers from Jomblang Resort, YogYES tried to do caving in this exotic cave. After wearing coverall, boot, helmet, and headlamp, a trainer set SRT set on our body while explaining the name of each tool and its function. The single rope technique equipments consisted of seat harness, chest harness, ascender / croll, auto descender, footloop, jammer, carabiner, long cowstail, and short cowstail.



  • The best time to enjoy the beauty of Grubug cave is at 10a.m to 12a.m when the sun shines above our head, so that we can see the more beautiful heavenly light.
  • Anyone who wants to get into Jomblang cave must be equipped with tools which have safety standard for vertical caving and accompanied by well-experienced caver or trainer. For more information about caving in Jomblang cave, you can contact the owner of Jomblang Resort, Cahyo Alkantana (+62 811 117 010).
  • The maximum quotas to get into Jomblang cave are 25 people for the reason of ecosystem stability and the cave condition.

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